Flatbed shipping is a specialized service that not every carrier can provide. At JS Transport, we understand the unique challenges that come with this type of freight which is why we’ve invested our efforts into extensive training and detailed procedures to provide the best service possible.

So here are 7 ways JS Transport streamlines flatbed shipping processes to keep our fleet running smoothly.

1. We Only Use Premium Trailers

Just because your cargo can’t fit into a dry van doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be afforded the same amount of care and protection. That’s why our entire fleet of Flatbed Trailers is made up of premium Rolltites (Conestoga). These trailers keep things running efficiently and save countless hours of time.

Some of the few things that make JST Transport’s flatbed fleet a little different include:

  • We only carry 53ft trailers: this gives our customers the option to load and haul more product.
  • Our Rolltite trailers are custom built: to accommodate freight up to 104” high – which is 4” higher than the industry standard.

In addition, Rolltite (Conestoga) trailers offer weather protection up to 99.9%. This has proven time and time again to be much more effective at protecting cargo than a traditional tarp.